Upcoming Tournaments in Europe (Melee) - updated 04/12/2017

4 December aangepast in Toernooien
After I started keeping a list for upcoming euro tournaments in the EU Melee Facebook group I noticed a lot of foreign tournaments go unnoticed or are discovered to late, which is a shame.

So I'm going to post the list in here as well as an attempt to prevent that. Keep in mind not all of these are big nationals so if you're interested in attending contact the region or find the tournament on smashboards or smasheurope.

Euro Tournaments Coming Up: (updated 04-12-2017)

This weekend: go to www.smasheurope.com/tournaments for more info
December 9 - Murked - London, England - Cap: 100 - International

December 17 - TSEA Link Melee 2 - Tilburg, Netherland - Cap: 128 - International


January 4-8 - Valhalla - Copenhagen, Denmark - Cap:? - Major
smash.gg: https://smash.gg/tournament/valhalla - FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/320004371765563/
January 6-7 - Cathletic - Bochum, Germany - Cap: 80 - National

February 10-11 - Schism 2 - Dublin, Ireland - Cap:128 - International
February 22-25 - Phoenix Blue - Halmstad, Sweden - Cap:? - Major
10k SEK pot bonus!

March 31-April 1 - Respawn VI - Mainz, Germany - Cap: 256+ - Major

past events are placed in a chronologic tournament list:
Melee: http://bit.ly/1fd6znh
Project M: http://bit.ly/1xsr4Wb
Smash 4: http://bit.ly/1xLRZ39

Though europe isn't ideally supported you're advised to add upcoming tournaments and smashfests to
You can also submit it to www.smash.gg and please submit your event for the tournament list on smasheurope.com using smasheurope.com/contact and adressing Joeri


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