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Smashers meetup! (Bring the community closer out of game)

januari 2016 aangepast in Off-topic
I always find it a shame that the community doesn't do much together OUTSIDE of tournaments or the game itself. So i want to get as MANY smashers together to go out for a day and get a nice meal together! I want as many people as possible to join, so i'm thinking that there should be two seperate meet ups. one around 13:00 for lunch, a bit of a lower budget since money doesn't grow on trees. also another higher end meeting for dinner around 19:00. I feel like this should be in Utrecht because it's the center of the Netherlands. i'm targeting to do this around early march. I hope to see you there!


  • Klinkt wel leuk, maar zoek even uit waar je pressies heen wilt. ik kijk wel of ik kan komen :D
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