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2 september - Spice #4

september 2017 aangepast in Toernooien
Fourth of the Spice monthlies, three weeks prior to Syndicate 2017!

Spice #4
Date: Saturday 2 september 2017
Game : Super Smash bros. Melee
Adress: Marco Pololaan 8-10 3526 GJ Utrecht
Venue: AwesomeSpace
TO's: Klaas Holl & Ward Mandersloot (seo)

[ Public transport ]
There are multiple buses and trams who can bring you close to your destination. The best stops are:
Bus stop Kanaleneiland - https://9292.nl/utrecht/bushalte-kanaleneiland
Tram stop Utrecht 5 mei Plein - https://9292.nl/utrecht/tramhalte-5-mei-plein
[ Car ]
There are free parking spots near the venue. For a little map of the parking spots and specific travel directions, please check: https://awesomespace.nl/space-info/parking/

The building
Its the slender and white coloured building next to the police station.
The entry is on your left side when standing in front of the building. The doorbell is placed 1 meter from the door.

The venue - https://awesomespace.nl/
The venue is home to AwesomeSpace, a non profit organisation determined to preserve and present the games of the past. Through donations and scavenging they can offer a great collection of old retro arcade machines, computers and consoles, and of course lots and lots of games.
Open on every Wednesday and Friday from 19:00 till 23:00, free entry, personal consumptions not allowed.

Facebook : Ward Mandersloot or @ArrakisMelee
Telephone number: 0621494751

Entry: € 6,- ( 1 euro discount for every cube or wii with melee we can place, no 20XX please)
Spectator: €5,-

Melee singles : € 5,-
Melee teams : € 5,- PP (10 per team)

Singles : 50/30/15/5
Teams: 60/30/10

Post your tag in this thread alongside the events you plan on joining. After that you will be placed on the entrants list. Don't forget to note whether you will bring a cube/wii with melee.

Payments are made at the door or you can transfer the amount to my bank account.
Please add your tag to the description of the transfer so I can recognize which transaction belongs to who.

W A Mandersloot
NL42 INGB 0002 5797 55

We will place a player cap on the amount of entrants if the number of entrants succeed 50. After that only players who have already transferred the money will have a guaranteed spot in the tournament.

You are not allowed to bring and consume your own food and drinks at the AwesomeSpace venue. The Space has its own bar, manned by a volunteer, and is packed with all kinds of snacks, deep-frozen pizzas and a large variety of chilled drinks, sold at reasonable prices. Pinning at the bar is available.

Smoking is allowed in the garden at the back.

11:00 Open
13:00 Teams
15:00 Singles
22:00 End

Players- 45 max
Bold = paid

1. seo
2. Klaas
3. Rathalos
4. Jim Morrison
5. Shengo
6. ryura
7. Luxus
8. Fout NL
9. Happymealz
10. Coen
11. Pasi
12. Chrollo
13. Ser
14. Markovic
15. Peridot
16. Yark
17. Albino_Penguin
18. Nuckels
19. Amsah
20. Sham
21. PT
22. Windje
23. Skwisbart
24. Flippy
25. Xin
26. Lars
27. SpaceHaze
28. vleestomaat
29. st0rmetom
30. KingSirWankALot
31. Jules
32. Zabu
33. Seel
34. NVZ
35. Thunder
36. Yung_Aaron
37. Epikfaal
38. Supergoomba
39. Dopamine

NVZ + ???
seo + ???
Yung_Aaron + ???
Rathalos + ???
Fout NL + Shengo
Markovic + Peridot
Albino_Penguin + Yark
Nuckels + Amsah
Dromen van Karton (PT + Windje)
0578 (KingSirWankALot + st0rmetom)
vleestomaat + SpaceHaze
Jules + Dopamine

TV's: 21
Provided by AwesomeSpace. This is the maximum amount we can place.

Cubes/Wiis: 9
seo \8
PT \1

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/ArrakisMelee
Twitch -
Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCx3KyUFIM1zlHXDLVUP91ag
Challonge - http://challonge.com/users/arrakis_melee
Twitter - https://twitter.com/arrakis_melee
AwesomeSpace - https://awesomespace.nl/


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